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BEHP1023: Inside the Box Interview with Dr Jack Michael is a Course

BEHP1023: Inside the Box Interview with Dr Jack Michael

Time limit: 14 days
2.5 credits

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Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes 
Credit: 2.5 Learning CEs


  • Tate McGhee, M.S., BCBA
  • Featuring Dr. Jack Michael

Course Description: This interview with Dr. Jack Michael, conducted by Tate McGhee, is one of historical significance. Dr. Michael recalls chance events, B.F. Skinner, his thoughts on Science and Human Behavior and some of the family and friends who have shared his life. His stories of the past and his views of the future combine with his current interest in verbal behavior and motivation to fascinate viewers. 


  • Identify the first chance event affecting Jack Michael’s choice of vocation.
  • Describe the specific influence that led Jack Michael toward Skinnerian thinking.
  • List the four ways an individual learns to talk about private events.
  • Describe the challenge Professor Myerson gave Jack Michael for behaviorism.
  • Discuss the approach of cognitive psychology versus behavioral psychology on increasing exercise in stroke victims.
  • Describe the nursery school coloring challenge and the outcome.
  • Discuss the selection of problem behaviors at Saskatchewan State Psychiatric Hospital and the outcomes.
  • Discuss the importance of the publication of "The Psychiatric Nurse as a Behavioral Engineer" in JEAB in 1959 (Ayllon & Michael).
  • List and describe the two most significant events in behavior analysis in the last 35 to 40 years.
  • Understand, according to Jack Michael, what  the future of behavior analysis is.

Keywords: Jack Michael, Skinner, verbal behavior, behavior analysis, history, Science and Human Behavior

Rating: This course is recommended for any individual interested in behavior analysis. No prerequisites. 

Access: 2 weeks

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Effective July 23, 2018
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