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BEHP1091: Why Be A Behavior Analyst is a Course

BEHP1091: Why Be A Behavior Analyst

Time limit: 14 days
1 credit

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Time: 1 hour, 5 minutes
Credit: 1 Learning BACB CE

Presenter: William L. Heward, Ed.D., BCBA-D

Course Description: Behavior analysis has made great strides in the short time it has been a formal scientific discipline, yet its potential for helping to improve the general welfare of people throughout the world has barely been tapped. This presentation not only reviews the impressive list of accomplishments of our young science, but also makes the case that the bulk of our work is yet to be done.  Dr. Heward offers many effective techniques to talk to others about the broad array of benefits derived through the use of the behavior analytic approach. He also recommends seven specific actions behavior analysts may take to help narrow the gap between the current limited applications of behavior analysis and the tremendous promise the science offers to society as a whole.


  • State and provide illustrative examples of at least three of the five key reasons individuals should choose a career in behavior analysis that behavior analysts can use when talking to others.
  • State and give illustrative examples of any of four recommended actions for behavior analysts who want to narrow the gap between the current status of behavior analysis and its potential impact on the world.
  • Describe three examples from this presentation to present to others relating ways behavior analysis is being used to improve the quality of people's lives.

Rating: This course is recommended for behavior analysts who are interested in presenting information to others about opportunities in the field of behavior analysis, as well as those interested in exploring ways to expand our field into new areas and applications. This is particularly appropriate for newer behavior analysts who may have had limited exposure to some of the broader lessons of the science of behavior.

Keywords: Expansion of ABA, careers in behavior analysis, applications of behavior analysis, science and social progress, human experience, learning  

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