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BEHP1092: Reinforcement-Based Interventions for Problem Behavior in IDD is a Course

BEHP1092: Reinforcement-Based Interventions for Problem Behavior in IDD

Time limit: 14 days
2.5 credits

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Time:  2 hours, 30 minutes
Credit: 2.5 Learning BACB CEs

 Iser G. DeLeon, Ph.D., BCBA-D 

Course Description: The standard of care for severe behavior problems of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities involves conducting assessments to determine the variables that give rise to and support problem behavior and hypothesis-driven intervention that addresses these causes. Typical interventions involve disrupting the contingency between problem behavior and the consequences that support it (i.e., extinction), while establishing or strengthening alternative behavioral repertoires to displace problem behavior. These aims, however, can be accomplished via numerous arrangements that vary with respect to the parameters with which alternative responses are reinforced (e.g., NCR schedules, DRO schedules, DRA schedules, DRH schedules, etc.) and with consideration of how practical and practicable it is to implement extinction in the natural environment. While many alternatives are available, clinicians have had little guidance about which form of intervention to select, and under which circumstances, to enhance the likelihood that interventions will be effective initially, over time and in the face of inevitable challenges to treatment integrity. Toward this end,the course provides a brief introduction to these alternatives, then devotes the majority of the presentation to describing decision matrices for selecting one form of intervention over another given the circumstances in which those interventions will be implemented. 

Keywords: Severe behavior, natural environment, individuals with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, assessment, intervention, decision matrices, NCR, DRO, DRA, DRH  

Rating: This course is recommended for professionals with background knowledge of the concepts and principles of behavior analysis. Prerequisite knowledge of functional assessment methodologies and single-subject research design is recommended.

Access: 2 weeks 

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