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BEHP1100: Preventing Child Maltreatment

Time limit: 60 days
3.5 credits

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Full course description

Time: 2 hours, 56 minutes
3.5 Learning BACB CEs

 John R. Lutzker, Ph.D.

Course Description: Covers child maltreatment, risks, costs and health relevance, and development of an ecobehavioral model to prevent child maltreatment with roots of this evidence-based model in SafeCare. Modules are presented along with the train-the-trainer model, focused on high fidelity that enables wide-scale implementation and dissemination of SafeCare, currently operating in 17 U.S. states, Belarus and the United Kingdom. Implications of the model for other areas of ABA, such as autism, are also discussed.  


  • Understand the prevalence and kinds of child maltreatment in the United States
  • Detail the risk factors for perpetrating child maltreatment
  • Explain the public health model and its relevance to applied behavior analysis
  • Understand the costs of child maltreatment in the U.S.
  • Articulate the meaning and relevance of an ecobehavioral model
  • Describe the SafeCare modules and how they are taught
  • Explain the train-the-trainer model
  • Understand the meaning and importance of training fidelity
  • Describe how single-case research designs have been used to show efficacy of modules
  • Detail self-modeling and how, with technology, it has helped parents with intellectual disabilities
  • Describe other adaptations of the SafeCare module
  • Describe key elements of successful implementation and how some of the elements could help you in your own work or be used in other arenas such as autism
  • Articulate the primary outcomes of SafeCare effectiveness trials
  • Describe future efforts to improve the model

Keywords: Child maltreatment, parenting, train-the-trainer, autism, intellectual disabilities, ecobehavioral model, SafeCare, health

Rating: This course is geared toward BCBAs and BCaBAs with a basic understanding of behavioral principles who are working or interested in the area of child welfare with both typically developing children and parents and also those with disabilities.

Access: 60 days from the date and time of registration

Important notes:  Your access begins at the time of purchase, not the time of log in.  Effective July 1, 2022, Florida Tech no longer offers extensions for CE courses; if you do not finish your course and need to repurchase, please contact us.  If you are taking this course to maintain your BACB certification, you will need to write your certification number on your certificate of completion, as the BACB requires that your certificate of completion includes your certification number.


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