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BEHP1105: Six Common Teaching Mistakes and What to do Instead

Time limit: 60 days
4.5 credits

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Full course description

Time: 3 hours, 45 minutes
Credit: 4.5 Learning BACB CEs

Presenter: William L. Heward, Ed.D., BCBA-D

Course Description: Focuses on six teaching mistakes committed by teachers at all grade levels and across curriculum areas. First, the mistake and examples are presented. Second, both logical and empirical rationales are offered for why teachers should eliminate or reduce the frequency with which they commit the mistake. Third, evidence-based and classroom-tested alternative strategies will be presented. Participants receive handouts for implementing alternative strategies and an annotated list of resources. 

  • Name six common teaching mistakes, give a specific example of a teacher committing each mistake and briefly explain why that practice is a mistake.
  • Define active student response (ASR) and give three examples and nonexamples of ASR.
  • Explain why ASR is a better measure of student participation than on-task behavior.
  • Define choral responding (CR), identify three criteria for curriculum content best suited for CR and describe six guidelines for conducting CR and response cards.
  • Define and give an example of two basic types of response cards (RC), identify at least two advantages and potential limitations of each type and describe at least two suggestions for using each type of RC.
  • State a general strategy teachers should employ as an alternative to asking their students, “Do you understand?”
  • Define, give an example and state three guidelines for using structured worksheets.
  • Describe rationale for guided notes (GN) and state at least four advantages of GN and four guidelines for using GNs.
  • Explain why teaching too slowly is a mistake and identify three ways to increase pacing.
  • State two suggestions for ensuring students receive much ASR on target skills.

Keywords: Education, teaching strategies, mistakes, resources, evidence-based, classroom, teachers             

 This course is recommended for BCBAs, BCaBAs and, potentially, teachers with a basic understanding of behavioral principles who are working or interested in the broad area of general education or individual teaching with both typically developing children and those with disabilities.


Access: 60 days from the date and time of registration

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