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BEHP1126: Language of Emotions

Time limit: 60 days
3 credits

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Full course description

Time: 2 hours, 43 minutes
Credit: 3 Learning BACB CEs

Presenter: Andy Bondy, Ph.D.

Course Description: In his book, Verbal Behavior, B.F. Skinner stresses the function of communication. His analysis includes “private events,” that is, how we learn to talk about things that happen inside us. "I Am the Master of my Emotions" reviews traditional approaches to teaching children with autism to communicate emotions as well as responses to such language from other people. Skinner’s analysis is incorporated into the design of effective lessons with very young children, teenagers or adults. This webcast suggests teaching strategies for those with autism that may lead to successful acquisition of these complex language skills.


  • Describe how children typically learn to comment about "private events
  • Understand the type of information adults respond to when teaching children to tell us about their emotions, and what may be missing for children with autism
  • Learn why traditional approaches to teaching "the language of emotions" may not be effective and how they can be improved
  • Describe how to take advantage of existing emotional displays and how to create situations that are likely to induce such feelings                
  • Understand why it is not really easy to teach “really"
  • Understand why it will be helpful to attend the full-day workshop, The Language of Emotions            

Keywords: Emotions, private events, autism, teaching, communication, function, language

Rating: This course is recommended for BCBAs, BCaBAs and those with background knowledge of behavior analysis who are working with children with autism. Knowledge of Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior is recommended.

Access: 60 days from the date and time of registration

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