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BEHP1134: The Hard Problem of Consciousness: Its History in BA

Started May 30, 2019


Full course description

Time: 25 minutes 
Credit: This course does not provide BACB CEs.

Presenter: T. V. Joe Layng, Ph.D. 

Course Description: Provides a short introduction to talks by T.V. Joe Layng, Ph.D.  Florida Tech is providing this short talk free of charge to offer behavior analysts a preview of this distinguished behavior analyst. See other offered talks listed below.

          BEHP1132: Topical and Systemic Presentation 
          BEHP1133: Some Instructional Dos and Don'ts
          BEHP1135: Emotions and Emotional Behavior
          BEHP1136: Toward a Contingency Analytic Account of Private Experience

Contrary to “common wisdom,” behavior analysts have been tackling the problem of consciousness for some time. The effort began with Watson and was addressed by Skinner and Goldiamond, whose approaches share much in common with that of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. This history is traced and a behavior analytic approach described that provides a basis not only for behaviorist work, but for the neurosciences as well. 

  • Describe Skinner’s approach to the study of private experience.
  • Describe the role of instructional control in understanding private experience.
  • Explain the role of question-asking in the development of consciousness.
  • Explain how we can use the analogy of music in a stereo to help us locate consciousness.

Keywords: History, Goldiamond, Wittgenstein, Skinner, Watson, neuroscience, private events, emotions

Rating: This theoretical course is recommended for BCBAs and BCaBAs with background knowledge of the concepts and principles of behavior analysis.

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