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BEHP1139: Adaptive Behavior is a Course

BEHP1139: Adaptive Behavior

Time limit: 14 days
1.5 credits

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Full course description

Time: 1 hour, 21 minutes
Credit: 1.5 Learning CEs

Presenter: Peter Gerhardt

Course Description: Adaptive behavior refers to a complex set of skills that enable an individual to achieve personal independence across a variety of life domains. Unfortunately, much of our instructional repertoire is focused on teaching either academic competencies (e.g., reading, math, etc.) or, as individuals enter adolescence, activities of daily living (ADLs). Adaptive behavior is arguably more valuable than either isolated academic or functional skills in that it is necessary for the functional expression of academic skills and the ability of each individual to live as independently as possible. The complexity of adaptive behavior, however, may present a challenge to behavior analysts who are more comfortable teaching single skills in the clinic or classroom where many of the relevant variables are within their control. Dr. Gerhardt discusses the importance of generalization when designing instruction programs functional to the learner by including five components of effective interventions. This talk presents an overview of adaptive behavior in ASD and its relationship to community living, safety, independence and personal competence, and components of effective interventions.


  • Understand the basic premise of today’s talk
  • Understand working with parent’s of older individuals with ASD
  • Define how this talk was developed
  • Understand ABA and game theory
  • Describe adaptive behavior
  • Understand the functionality index
  • Understand matching law and generalization

Keywords: Adaptive behavior, ASD, personal independence, adults, adolescents, functional skills, intervention, instruction, environment, community, resilience

 This course is aimed at behavior analysts and therapists with a strong understanding of the principles of behavior analysis who are interested in learning about identification and interventions in adaptive behavior, particularly with those with autism spectrum disorders.

Access: Two weeks

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