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BEHP1192: Behavioral Skills Training for Supervisors is a Course

BEHP1192: Behavioral Skills Training for Supervisors

Time limit: 60 days
1 credit

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Full course description

Time: 53 minutes, 1 second
Credit: 1 Learning CEs which can also be used for supervision


****This course is contained in BEHP1191 as part of The 21st Century BCBA Supervision Course Series.****

You will not be permitted to use credits earned in this course if you have already completed BEHP1191. For individuals who have taken BEHP1122 (our previous supervision series) or another 8-hour supervisor training program, these courses may be counted as additional supervision CE credits. If you have taken BEHP1191, these will not count as additional supervision CE credit. 

(Per the BACB®, this course cannot be counted toward ethics.) 

Presenter: Kristin Myers-Kemp, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Course Description: This course takes an in-depth look at behavioral skills training, also known as BST. Each step of the training protocol is outlined in great detail, including different types of instructions, using in-person and video modeling, how to monitor performance during rehearsal and some strategies for delivering effective feedback. This course also delves into how to conduct BST with individuals as well as groups and pyramidal structures to increase efficiency and reduce costs of training supervisees. Finally, how technology can be used in the training process, as well as what skills can potentially be taught using BST, is explored.


  • Describe the importance of effective supervision and training in the service delivery system
  • Briefly describe BST and provide examples of skills that may be taught using BST with supervisees
  • List the steps of BST and the sequence of steps, including what to do if criteria are or are not met for each step
  • Describe how group BST differs from BST used in a one-on-one or individual format and list the steps of group BST
  • Describe how BST can be used in a pyramidal training format
  • Describe the use of technology in BST, including the use of remote technology for BST
  • Describe some advantages of using BST over other methods, as well as considerations for its use

Keywords: Supervision, supervising, behavioral skills training, feedback, instructions, modeling, rehearsal, BST

Rating: This course is intended for BCBAs and BCaBAs seeking to become supervisors with the BACB and any professional interested in the use of behavioral skills training.


This training program is based on the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline but is offered independent of the BACB. For more information on these requirements, please see the Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

Access: 60 days from the date and time of registration

Note: The 60-day access begins at the time of purchase, not the time of log in; purchasing multiple course subscriptions will not extend your access. 

Effective July 1, 2022, Florida Tech will no longer offer extensions for new purchases.  Purchases made prior to this date will be eligible for an extension per the previous policy:

Effective July 23, 2018, each ABA Learning (type-2) on-demand CE course may be extended a maximum of three times within six months of the original course purchase. After six months from the original date of purchase, the course will need to be purchased again. 


For more information, to request an extension, or if you experience problems when registering, please email us at

Important note:  If you are taking this course to maintain your BACB certification, you will need to write your certification number on your certificate of completion, as the BACB requires that your certificate of completion includes your certification number.

Refund Policy

No refunds are provided once the course is accessed.

These workshops are presented in partnership between the Florida Tech ABA Online program and ABA Technologies, Inc. ABA Technologies, Inc., is a BACB-approved provider of type-2 continuing education hours (provider number: OP-02-0023)