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BEHP1197: The Wisdom Factor - Using the Power of Behavior to Shape a Better World

Time limit: 60 days
1.5 credits

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Time: 1 hour, 28 minutes, 26 seconds
Credit: 1.5 Learning BACB CEs

Presenter: Darnell Lattal, Ph.D.

Course Description: Wisdom has been defined in the psychological literature as a trait or, in our behavioral language, the sum of patterns of behaviors and their effects over time that, applied consistently, lead to the label of “wise person” in our society. Based on research by Dr. Paul Baltes and others from the Max Planck Institute in Germany and various other trait/state psychologists, there are clues to what it takes to achieve such a label based on behavioral observation of effect. Behavior analysis knows how to arrange the conditions that surround behavior, leading to such a label being attached to what we say and do. The criteria for such behavioral patterns will be described and a perspective on why it is important for us to consider the implications of producing wisdom in the actions of our children and ourselves will be offered. This presentation will discuss the implications of wisdom and nonwisdom behaviorally on broader issues of culture.


  • Describe the traditional definitions of wisdom.
  • Identify a behavioral definition of wisdom.
  • List the behavioral characteristics of wisdom indicated by Baltes.
  • Analyze how behavior analysis can support the subject matter of wisdom and ethics in our society.
  • Learn how behavioral practitioners can teach wisdom and evaluate being wise.
  • Describe how to build and shape a wiser world.

Keywords: Learning, OBM, wisdom, conceptual, organizational behavior management

This course will be useful to BCBAs, BCaBAs, other individuals involved in the field of behavior analysis and those who are interested in organizational behavior management.

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