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BEHP1235: Five Steps to Engage and Motivate Employees is a Course

BEHP1235: Five Steps to Engage and Motivate Employees

Time limit: 14 days
2.5 credits

$32.50 Enroll

Full course description

Time: 2 hour, 13 minutes
2.5 Learning CEs,  which can also be used for supervision
Janis Allen, B.A.

Course Description: Helps supervisors (new or experienced) learn tools to engage employees in projects with measurable outcomes and results. Discusses the additional benefit of the extra interest and initiative employees will exert when they own the project and invest in its success and the employees’ pride and satisfaction of measurable achievement, created by the supervisor’s positive reinforcement, which increases the rate of productive behaviors and talk.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe employee engagement and motivation.
  • List the five steps to engage and motivate employees.
  • Identify ways to motivate employees to give discretionary effort, not just enough to get by.
  • Analyze the consequences that reinforce undesired behaviors.
  • Analyze the consequences that punish or extinguish desired behaviors.
  • Identify ways to prevent burnout.
  • Identify eight ways to make positive reinforcement effective.

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    The student registered for the course may request to drop the course as long as it is within 30 days of registration and they have not completed anything beyond Module 2. To officially drop the course and receive a refund please contact and submit the drop survey.  The completed drop survey must be received within this time period to be dropped from the course and to receive a refund. The refund is returned to the credit card that was used to pay for the training.

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    Important Information

    Important note: If you are taking this course to maintain your BACB certification, you will need to write your certification number on your certificate of completion, as the BACB requires that your certificate of completion includes your certification number.

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