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PDP0816: Fundamental Statistics is a Course

PDP0816: Fundamental Statistics

Ended Nov 19, 2020
18.0 credits

$500 Enroll

Full course description

Course:  Fundamental Statistics

Term: November 17 -19 

Instructor:  Professor John Nierwinski

E-Mail Address:


The objective of this 2.5 day short course is to provide a foundation in the fundamentals of probability and statistics.


Topics that we will briefly highlight on include:  measures of central tendency and dispersion, fundamentals of probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling theory, confidence interval estimation of parameters, tests of hypotheses, and linear regression.  We will use Microsoft Excel as a tool to facilitate the learning process.


Along with learning the fundamental statistical tools, we will discuss ways to apply statistics and gain insights when making decisions at work, home, and in everyday life.


The teacher will show and discuss material and facilitate participation and interaction during these sessions.  We will practice what we are learning through group or individual short exercises.  Furthermore, we will also watch videos and discuss


It’s expected that the students ask questions, stop the teacher, and interact / discuss as the material unfolds.  My philosophy for this course is learning and lifelong application of it.  So, I believe for this course it is better to learn and apply 10 things, for example, as opposed to learning 20 things and forgetting them after the course is done. 


No prerequisites are required.

Refund policy: Once the course is accessed, no refund is to be provided. In the event of Continuing Education receiving a refund request after funds have been jv’d to Aberdeen Education Center both areas will need to approve the return of funds to the student/company and the portion of revenue will be processed back to Continuing Education via JV.


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