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BEHP1237: OBM Specialist Certificate - September Group B is a Course

BEHP1237: OBM Specialist Certificate - September Group B

Time limit: 90 days
12.5 credits

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Full course description

Title: OBM Specialist Certificate (Beta Test)

Discounted Beta Test Price: $545

Start Date: Monday, September 28

Duration: 10 weeks, ending Friday, December 4. Students will have access to the course for an additional two  weeks to allow time for completing the feedback survey.

Instructors: Ryan Curran, M.S., BCBA; and Allison King, Ph.D,, BCBA

Continuing Education Credits: 12.5 BACB CEs; 3 of these may be used as supervision CEs

Meetings with Instructor: Optional meetings with an instructor and the group will occur on Wednesday, 12:30 PM (EST) via Zoom on weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. Students are not required to attend the meetings. The meetings will be recorded and posted in the Canvas course for all students to view on their own time if they wish.

All students will be invited to a Canvas course prior to the course start date. The course content is split into sections called Modules. Because this is a beta test and content is still being modified, the modules will become available to students as the course progresses (e.g., the Phase 1 module will become available on week 1, the first optional meeting will occur on week 2, the Phase 2 module will become available on week 3, etc.). To complete the course, students must complete all required modules. The course content includes text, videos, brief knowledge checks, and discussion questions. Students may spend an estimated 1.5 to 3 hours per week on the course over the 10  weeks.  



Week 1 (begins Monday, September 28)

Foundations module (optional) opens

Phase 1 module opens


Week 2 (begins Monday, October 5)

Meeting 1 (optional)


Week 3 (begins Monday, October 12) 

Phase 2 module opens


Week 4 (begins Monday, October 19)

Meeting 2 (optional)


Week 5 (begins Monday, October 26)

Phase 3 module opens


Week 6 (begins Monday, November 2)

Meeting 3 (optional)


Week 7 (begins Monday, November 9)

Phase 4 module opens


Week 8 (begins Monday, November 16)

Meeting 4 (optional)


Week 9 (begins Monday, November 23 - Thanksgiving)

Phase 5 module opens


Week 10 (begins Monday, November 30)

Meeting 5 (optional)


Students will have access to the course for an additional 2 weeks to allow time for completing the feedback survey and any remaining course content.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the OBM Specialist Certificate and Our Older OBM Certificate


1. What is the older OBM certificate?

The older OBM certificate was launched in 2016 and includes 2 on-demand courses (BEHP1114: Essentials of Organizational Behavior Management and BEHP1159: Learning in the Workplace) and one project-based course (BEHP1160: OBM Applied!). The 2 on-demand courses are required prerequisites for the project-based course. The project-based course requires individuals to work on a sponsored project in their workplace throughout the course. Because of the way it is designed, it is meant for individuals who are currently employed and have support from a sponsor in their organization to work on an OBM project. During that course, students meet biweekly with an instructor and small group of students to provide project updates and receive guidance from an OBM instructor. 


2. When will the older OBM Certificate be replaced by the new one?

The older OBM certificate is expected to no longer be available after the January 2021 term of OBM Applied, the third and final course in the series. The January 2021 term of OBM Applied begins on Monday, January 11, 2021. This means that if students want to complete this version of the OBM certificate, they will need to take the 2 prerequisite courses (BEHP1114 and BEHP1159) and sign up for the January 2021 term of OBM Applied. Registration for the January 2021 term of OBM Applied is expected to open in late October 2020. 


3. Why is the older OBM Certificate being phased out?

Over the years of offering the older OBM certificate, some students have said that they wished they learned more about how to select and navigate an OBM project before being required to do a project-based course. This was most often requested by students who did not have much prior experience leading an improvement project in their workplace. The 2 prerequisites in the older OBM Certificate, although great OBM courses, did not necessarily cover topics that prepared these students to begin their own OBM project. The first time students saw all of the OBM project tools in action were when they applied them to their own project in the final course. Additionally, some students could not sign up or complete the final course because they were not employed, did not have the support to do a project, did not know how to identify a business opportunity for an OBM project or lost their project support or job during the course.


4. Will the OBM Specialist Certificate replace the older OBM certificate, and what will it look like? 

Yes, we will soon only have one OBM Certificate--the OBM Specialist Certificate. At this time, it is designed as one course, called The OBM Specialist Certificate. It is an updated design that allows individuals to complete the certificate even if they are not currently employed or do not yet have a project to do. Students may wish to begin a project while completing this course if they are eager to begin applying the tools to their own workplace. But they are not required to, and even if they lose or change their project or job, they can remain in the course, continue learning about the tools in action and gain the certificate. 


5. I was planning on completing the older OBM certificate. I began/completed the first 2 courses in that program before I learned about the new OBM Specialist Certificate. What should I do?

Most students prefer to take the new OBM Specialist Certificate, but if you are currently employed, already have a sponsored project that you think is appropriate to do as an OBM project, and feel ready to receive coaching from an OBM instructor, you may prefer to register for OBM Applied to complete the older version of the OBM Certificate. However, you would need to register for the January 2021 term of OBM Applied, as this course is expected to be unavailable after that term. Additionally, because OBM Applied includes project-based coaching from an instructor, we can only support a limited number of students and a spot in that term is not guaranteed. We will be updating OBM Applied to be a new project-based course that better matches the content in the OBM Specialist Certificate for individuals who want project-based coaching after completing the OBM Specialist Certificate. See question 6 below. 


6. Will you still offer a project-based course like OBM Applied?

Yes. We are currently working on a new "course" that is designed for individuals who want to apply OBM in their workplace using the SPACE model and tools while getting coaching from an OBM instructor. The word course is in quotation marks, as it will be designed to focus on coaching the student through application of the tools to their project, rather than having students learn brand new material. This will allow individuals to enroll in it as often as they want, any time they have a project and want continued coaching and mentorship from an OBM instructor. We are hopeful that the OBM Specialist Certificate will better prepare individuals to complete an OBM project in their workplace and get the most out of project-based coaching from an OBM instructor (if they choose to do so). But doing one’s own project with coaching from an instructor is no longer required to gain the OBM Specialist Certificate. This course is expected to be available by late spring 2021.


7. Why are you calling the new OBM Specialist Certificate a “beta test”?

At this time we are calling the OBM Specialist Certificate course a “beta test”, as the course is brand new. The first beta test went live to students on July 13, 2020. We are asking the first few groups of students to go through it for their honest feedback, which may lead to some additions and modifications to the certificate. If a lot of additional content to the certificate is added after receiving feedback from the groups of beta test students, we will be happy to give all beta test students access to the updated course and material when it is available.


8. When I complete this course, will my certificate say “beta test” on it?

No, your certificate will say “OBM Specialist Certificate”


9. When I complete this course, will I be certified in OBM? 

The OBM Specialist Certificate is a professional development certificate that is worth continuing education units for Behavior Analysts and Human Resource professionals (just like our older OBM Certificate). Students can use the continuing education units earned in this certificate to maintain their certification that they already have from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and/or the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) if applicable to them. 

Please note that the OBM Specialist Certificate is not a certification. Being certified (i.e., having a certification) implies that a governing body (such as the BACB) oversees the standard requirements for training and certification. At this time, there is no single governing body that defines the standards for training or “certifying” OBM professionals. 


10. What is the “Foundations” Module?

In our efforts to disseminate behavior analysis and OBM, we have designed this course to be more friendly to individuals who do not have much formal training in behavior analysis. The Foundations module that opens on Week 1 is strongly recommended for students who do not have formal training in behavior analysis. 

Much of the content in this module will be a review of basic concepts for individuals already formally trained in behavior analysis, so the content in this module does not count toward the BACB CEU calculation. Because this is a beta test and we are looking for everyone’s feedback, we ask that you please take the time to complete it even if you are already trained in behavior analysis. You may find that it does not add value to your learning in this course, but we would love your thoughts on its usefulness to a general audience. 


11. Do I need a textbook for the OBM Specialist Certificate?

At this time there is no required textbook. Students will get access to the interactive SPACE Model Toolkit pdf in the Handouts Module of the course. They will learn more about how to apply the tools by following the case studies throughout the course. Some students wanting additional material may wish to purchase the OBM Applied books as supplemental reading while completing the OBM Specialist Certificate. 


More questions? Please contact the Professional Development Team at ABA Technologies, Inc.



Refund Policy

The student registered for the course may drop the course as long as they complete the drop survey prior to the start date or within seven days after the course start date and as long as they have not completed anything beyond the "Welcome" and "Download Course Materials" modules. To officially drop the course and receive a refund please contact and submit the drop survey. The completed drop survey must be received within this time period to be dropped from the course and to receive a refund. The refund is returned to the credit card that was used to pay for the training.


Drop/Cancellation Fee


Any registrant who has paid for the OBM Specialist Certificate and drops prior to the start date or within seven days after the course start date will receive a refund of any registration fees paid, minus a $150 cancellation fee.